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This information is provided in order that you may have the knowledge of (a) many federal regulations which require landlords to provide and install FREE high intensity visual alarms in your bedroom(s)AND INTERCONNECT THEM with compatible hallway smoke detectors, located in the interior hallway just outside your bedroom door; (b) the required light output(brightness)of this VISUAL ALARM; (c) where you can find these federal regulations among the Code of Federal Regulations of 1999 (lastest update);(d) how to learn if your landlord participates in ANY program which benefits him financially and thus REQUIRES him to provide this vital life safety protection FREE, to you and your family;(e) Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and National Fire Alarm Code(NFPA 72) product and installation standards information ; (f) how to obtain FREE copies of this information; (g) how to obtain information for self-help; and (h) how to contact us for help, without charge or obligation.

Currently, there are several sections of 24 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations)which may apply to your housing situation or to people you may know; and with which you may or may not be familiar. These could include programs which provide landlords with low interest, federally insured or guaranteed loans on various housing properties; voucher or certificate based private housing in which you may or may not participate,and/or may or may not know about; and government Housing Quality Standards, intended for your benefit,and which apply to all government programs. There are a great many government programs through which the LANDLORDS benefit. Landlord participation in government programs requires the FREE installation of visual fire alarms for all deaf and hard of hearing tenants. Not all landlords share this information with tenants, or offer to provide the REQUIRED life safety high intensity VISUAL alarms, as is required. For example, the building management may not inform all tenants that vouchers and certificates are acceptable and in use, whether you participate or not; or that the building ownership enjoys a government insured low interest rate, or insured or guaranteed loan, etc.

In short, you may very well be entitled to effective visual fire alarm protection, FREE OF CHARGE, simply by living in a house or apartment where the LANDLORD is the one receiving government benefits of MANY different types.

And,you are MOST DEFINITELY entitled to this life safety protection if you are receiving government housing benefits,and the landlord accepts them in whole or in part. There are many other circumstances that may also apply to you and your family. If so, you need to find out.

This life safety information is available to you regardless of whether you are a tenant or homeowner; in need of fire safety yourself or know of someone who could benefit; belong to a group or organization which could benefit or help others. It is available free of charge and without obligation.

Click Here to Find Federal Regulations Which Were Written to Help You

U.S. Department of Housing Important Information: Information on where to find help for MANY situations, not limited to federally supplied housing.

How to Find Section(s) That May Apply to You or People You Know

At (red link,above) click on "Library";

Under "Codes and Acts" darken the circle in front of "Section 24 Code of Federal Regulations 1999";

To the right of "Codes...1999", click on "Search" (red button);

Where it says "enter word or phrase" type in "smoke detectors" (don't use the " marks)

and in the blank next to "document number" type in the ENTIRE number of any of the following numbers which may apply to your housing situation (INCLUDING THE DECIMAL); NOTE: *** See below for an alternate method.

Select the Part number(s)below which apply to you or to people you may with to help.

These Part numbers of 24 CFR are:

200.76 Includes MultiFamily Housing Mortgage Insurance; Housing Mortgage Ins. for Elderly; Mortgage Insurance & Insured Improvement Loans & Concentrated Development Areas; Low Cost & Moderate Income Mortgage Insurance; Condominium Ownership Mortgage Insurance; Mortgage Insurance and Interest Reduction for Rental Projects. (Note: These are often Programs which benefit LANDLORDS with low cost or government insured loans)(Also, see Note below).

880.207 Section 8 Housing Assistance Programs, New Construction 881.207 Section 8 Housing Assistance, Substantial Rehabilitation 883.310 Section 8 Housing Assistance, State Housing Agencies 884.110 Section 8 Housing Assistance SetAsides & Rural Progams 885.429 Loans for Housing for Elderly or Disabled 885.717 Property Standards 886.113 Section 8 Housing Special Allocations 886.307 Housing Quality Standards 891.555 Smoke Detectors - (Also Includes Supportive Housing for Elderly & Persons with Disabilities) 950.346 Fire Safety (Also Includes Indian Housing Programs) 965.805 Smoke Detectors (Also Includes Public or Leased Projects) 982.401(n)Housing Quality Standards - Smoke Detectors (Also Includes Section 8 Housing Assistance Programs and Section 8 Housing Assistance Vouchers and Certificates Programs

Then click on "submit" and HudClips will provide you with the exact regulation, which you can print out.

NOTE : Some initial Parts have been combined into Part 200.76 (which means the protection has to conform to national standards on fire protection, such as the National Fire Alarm Code) or other Parts. We represent the National Association of the Deaf on the National Fire Alarm Code committees.

NOTE: *** OR, simply type "smoke detectors" (without the " marks) to view a list of regulation sections; then click on one or more which may apply.

If you have difficulty, feel free to contact us at

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More Information to Help You

To find telephone numbers and TTY numbers for various sources of
information, simply select from the links located on the HUDClips 
Home Page.

Information about :

     "Send Questions to HUD Staff"   (by Email)

     "Look Up HUD Telephone Numbers" (Including TTY Numbers for
                                       Headquarters and Fair Housing

     "More About HUD Programs"        (Several Programs)




The Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Standard for Visual Alarms is 
UL/ANSI Standard 1971(number, not the year), "Signaling Appliances for 
the Hearing Impaired". ALL VISUAL ALARMS for sleeping areas, which are 
components of smoke detectors, MUST produce a minimum effective 
intensity (brightness) of 177 candela of light AND be Listed to
that Standard. In addition, the National Fire Alarm Code (NFPA 72)
prescribes the location of these alarms which must be either ceiling 
mounted, or wall mounted between 4 inches and 12 inches down from the
ceiling.  The HUD Final Rule requires such alarms to be interconnected
with hallway smoke detectors. The intent is to prevent death or injury 
caused by smoke inhalation or fire. The HUD Final Rule also PROHIBITS
THE USE OF PORTABLE ALARMS. The various Parts of the Code of Federal 
Regulations provide specific details.

For copies of these federal regulations; Excerpts from the UL and NFPA
Standards; Product/Installation Information; Requests for assistance;
or other information for tenant or or home owners, FREE OF CHARGE, 
contact us at :


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D.E. SIEVERS & ASSOCIATES, LTD. is a Maryland Corporation dedicated
to fire safety and accessibility for deaf, hard of hearing, and 
physically challenged individuals.